How to Make Speedy Sourdough Bread (100% white,15% Spelt, Roast Garlic & Rosemary)

Hello everybody, welcome to my recipe page, If you're looking for recipes idea to cook today, look no further! We provide you only the perfect Sourdough Bread (100% white,15% Spelt, Roast Garlic & Rosemary) recipe here. We also have wide variety of recipes to try.

Sourdough Bread (100% white,15% Spelt, Roast Garlic & Rosemary)

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let's go back to sourdough bread (100% white,15% spelt, roast garlic & rosemary) recipe. You can have sourdough bread (100% white,15% spelt, roast garlic & rosemary) using 11 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

The ingredients needed to prepare Sourdough Bread (100% white,15% Spelt, Roast Garlic & Rosemary):

  1. Prepare of The Levain.
  2. Provide 75 g of Sourdough starter.
  3. Take 75 g of Bread flour for levain.
  4. Get 75 g of Water (tepid).
  5. Provide of The Bread.
  6. Get 120 g of Levain starter.
  7. You need 650 g of White bread flour.
  8. Provide 100 g of Other flour (Spelt, Rye, Grain, Wholemeal, more White for 100%).
  9. Take 10-12 g of Sea salt.
  10. Use 525 ml of (70%) Water (tepid).
  11. Use of Rice, Spelt or Semolina flour for dusting.

Instructions to make Sourdough Bread (100% white,15% Spelt, Roast Garlic & Rosemary):

  1. Day 1 - Morning, take starter out of fridge and feed (50ml plain flour, 50ml water), repeat 5-6 hours later. Another 5-6 hours later make the levain for your bread by mixing together 75g bread flour, 75g water and 75g sourdough starter - leave out over night (10-12hrs), covered but with air hole(s)..
  2. Day 2 - Morning, when the Levain is almost ready, mix all of your flour with your water thoroughly & leave (covered) for 30 mins (this strengthens the gluten). When done Pinch & knead in the salt & 120g of your bread levain (the rest is for the bin). Scrunch together to mix fully then leave (covered) for 45 mins..
  3. If you want to add flavour do it at this stage 20 mins before stretch and fold. I've added roasted garlic and rosemary to this one below..
  4. Day 2 - at least 5 sets (1 set = 4 folds) of stretch & folds over minimum 1.5 hours (every 20 mins). After the last, cover and leave for 1.5 hours (the warmer the better)..
  5. Next, weigh & cut the dough into 2 pieces ready to shape before bulk fermentation. When shaping, use a dough scraper to pull tight and create tension (watch you tube videos for better understanding)..
  6. Once shaped, sprinkle plenty of dusting flour on top so it doesn't stick, flip over with scraper and put carefully into your banneton or bowl. Make sure well stitched at the top, sprinkle more dusting flour, leave out for 30-45 mins then cover & put into the fridge for 10-12 hours. Or leave out for 4-5 hrs more and bake that night..
  7. Day 3 - Take out of fridge whilst Oven is heating to 240'. Get your dutch ovens ready (no knead to heat), put a length of baking paper over bread & flip out carefully into dutch oven so baking paper is on the bottom (prevents burnage). When oven is ready, score your bread for a better rise..
  8. Day 3 - Bake in middle or low oven at 225' with lid on for 45 mins then remove lid and turn down to 200 for a further 10 mins. If baking without a dutch oven, add a dish of water to the oven and bake for 45 min straight at 225'..
  9. Leave to cool FULLY before cutting. Overnight uncovered I find the best. Wrap and cover in morning to last all week..

My recipe for a healthy and delicious spelt sourdough bread. Only lightly dust the bannetons with white rice flour, just enough so the dough easily removes from them but no more. Not only is spelt incredible in sourdough bread I'm discovering a myriad of creative ways to use it in my kitchen… The road to sourdough bread will be filled with a bit of uncertainty: everything from ambient temperature to the quality of flours to the strength of Rye flour will add a little more earthy acidity to the mix and will result in a looser dough that won't hold shape as well. Spelt flour will add mild sweet. Soft, sweet, and caramelized to perfection, roasted garlic adds a beautiful depth of flavor that gets intensified with hints of fresh rosemary in this homemade sourdough bread recipe.

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