Simple Way to Make Award-winning Overnight Sourdough Bread - Sticky Wet Dough

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Overnight Sourdough Bread - Sticky Wet Dough

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We hope you got insight from reading it, now let's go back to overnight sourdough bread - sticky wet dough recipe. To make overnight sourdough bread - sticky wet dough you need 6 ingredients and 33 steps. Here is how you cook that.

The ingredients needed to cook Overnight Sourdough Bread - Sticky Wet Dough:

  1. You need 100 g of Homemade Sourdough Starter (water/flour=50/50).
  2. Prepare 250 g of Water.
  3. Prepare 1 tsp of Honey.
  4. Take 1 1/2 tsp of Salt.
  5. Provide 380 g of All Purpose Flour.
  6. Prepare 2 tsp of Olive Oil★.

Steps to make Overnight Sourdough Bread - Sticky Wet Dough:

  1. 11:00am- Take the Sourdough Starter out of the fridge..
  2. 1:00pm- Put the sourdough starter, water, honey and salt into the large bowl..
  3. Mix well..
  4. Add the all-purpose flour..
  5. Set the flat beater and mix for 30 seconds on the lowest speed..
  6. Change to the dough hook..
  7. Add olive oil..
  8. Mix about 30 seconds..
  9. Put the dough into a lightly oiled container..
  10. .
  11. Leave it in a warm place..
  12. 1.5 hours later, fold the dough..
  13. Do the same thing again 1.5 hours later..
  14. After the dough become 3 times the original size, fold it again and rest it in the fridge over night..
  15. Morning- Take the container out from the fridge and wait for a few hours until it is room temperature..
  16. Preheat the oven to 500F. (pizza pan too).
  17. Turn out the dough onto a kitchen surface..
  18. Wet your hands with water, and fold the dough. Let it rest for 15 minutes uncovered..
  19. Use a banneton basket, heavily dusted with flour. (I don't have a banneton basket, so I'm using a loaf pan with a kitchen cloth.).
  20. Fold the edge inside of the dough and shape it. Put the dough into the floured banneton basket or loaf pan. (sealed up).
  21. Cover the dough and wait until it become double its size. (about 1.5 hours-2 hours).
  22. After 1.5-2 hours, it looks like this..
  23. .
  24. Cover with kitchen towel..
  25. Cover it with a cutting board and press with your hand. Then turn it upside down..
  26. Remove the loaf pan..
  27. Remove the kitchen towel..
  28. It looks like this..
  29. Using a thin sharp knife, score two or three times on the top of the loaf..
  30. Take out the pizza pan from the oven and slide the dough onto it, and put back to the oven..
  31. Immediately spray with water 5 time inside the oven and close it quickly. Bake 5 minutes at 500F, 18 minutes at 450F. (I don't like it too hard so I bake it a little less time.).
  32. Slice and eat!.
  33. .

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